You know from discussions during the recent South African tour of the Carrolls and Johnsons, organized by Vineyard Ventures, that we four are well seasoned travelers, both individually and collectively. I mention that in hopes of putting what follows into context.

A few days after our return we received a note from the Johnsons saying this was “by far the best trip they had ever taken”. The Carrolls concur wholeheartedly.

Any lengthy vacation trip has two basic elements: the things to be seen and experienced and the efficiency and comfort with which such experiences are achieved.

Unquestionably, southern Africa has much more than many other destination locales to recommend it; the animals, of course, thousands of years of natural development of predator and survivor. However, beyond this, the people, the landscape of mountains, farms and deserts, the vineyards, the culture, the Cape Dutch architecture, the food, the economy, the sophistication of Cape Town, the history of Johannesburg and importantly the emerging political and governance situation.

Having said all of that, such a diversity of potential things to see and do becomes a complex challenge of logistics and entree. At this you were superb! !! It was clearly your skill, talent, knowledge and contacts that made it all work so superbly for us. You tailored the trip to our desires with a minimum of advance input from us. You sequenced similar events, such as hotels and lodges, so that each seemed shockingly better than the last. We were never without some one looking after us at every stop ( four countries, nine hotels and lodges, nine flights plus an overnight train, all in 22 days there). You had experienced all locations, knew the managers and were respected by them.

Or, to put it more succinctly, you personally made a potentially great trip a reality.

We praise you to potential travelers whenever we can. Thanks again.

Tom and Damaris Carrol, Washington DC. USA